Elbow fractures:

Because of his experiences in both orthopaedic trauma and hand/upper extremity surgery, Dr. Kamal has extensive knowledge in the management of complex injuries which can include fractures of the humerus, fractures of the radius or ulna, and elbow dislocations. These injuries are usually operative. Read Dr. Kamal’s article about elbow fractures below.

Olecranon Fractures

Biceps Tendon Ruptures:

The biceps tendon, or rope that helps pull the elbow into flexion, can snap without warning during any everyday activity. This can result in weakness, pain, and swelling. Dr. Kamal initiates rapid rehab protocol within days of surgical repair or reconstruction.

Dr. Kamal treats a wide range of elbow conditions. If you do not see yours listed, please call his office to discuss your individual needs.

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